Saint Lucia

Saint Lucia Citizenship by Investment

Saint Lucia is a beautiful tropical island situated within the Eastern Caribbean Sea. It was previously a British colony that became independent in 1979. Today, as a sovereign state, Saint Lucia is a participant in several important international bodies, such as CARICOM, the OAS, UN, and CARICOM as well as CARICOM. English is the main national language, and the system of law is built on the English Common Law. Saint Lucia has the newest and possibly the best-placed citizenship-by-investment program within the Caribbean.

Saint Lucia Citizenship by Investment

St Lucia is one of the most stunning countries that you could ever see. No wonder that it was awarded the nickname of “Helen of the West Indies. The country is among the last to have adopted citizenship-by-investment programs following the creation of a committee that will review the policies. Saint Lucia wants its citizenship through investment program to stand out from the other programs that every country has to offer. Its Saint Lucia citizenship by investment program is designed to give people an identity rather than citizenship.

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Key Benefits of St. Lucia Citizenship by Investment Program

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Citizenship – Key Facts

  • Donation Amount : $100,000
  • Real Estate Investment: $200,000+
  • Time to Citizenship: 90 Days

Saint Lucia Citizenship by Investment Plans

Timeline and Process

  • Step 01: Pre-approval letter, File Preparation & Advisory Fee to be submitted.
  • Step 02: Submission of the Candidate’s Citizenship File
  • Step 03: Government approved issuing letter of citizenship by investment
  • Step 04: Selection of investment options. Pay Government tax (if any).
  • Step 05: Issuance of Naturalization Certificate
  • Step 06: Submission of Application for Passport. Passport Issue
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