Turkey's Citizenship by Investment

  • Minimum investment: $400,000
  • Get a passport in 3-4 months

Special Features of Obtaining Turkey Citizenship by Investment

Turkey introduced its own Citizenship by Investment Program in 2018. The Turkish Government grants investors the Turkish Citizenship in exchange for a capital investment or the acquisition of immovable property. Turkey is one of the most culturally rich countries in Eastern Europe and West Asia. It offers exceptional landmarks, historical sites, and magnificent natural sceneries. The country’s central location, cultural proximity to the Arab culture, and one of a kind experience, are all key factors that drive tourists as well as investors to Turkey. Having said that, many families seek to obtain the Turkish Citizenship through Investment in order to enjoy the countless benefits it has to offer them. Benefits of the Turkish Citizenship include free education, full medical assistance, and visa-free travel. Moreover, if investors choose to invest in a Turkish real estate property, they will be able to collect rental returns. In order to obtain Turkey Passport, you’ll have to make the necessary investment but you won’t have to fulfill any travel or residency requirements. Our More than 16 years of experience as foreign immigration lawyers, and advisers say that the standard application process usually takes from 4 to 6 months, but sometimes this process can take 6 months in case of unforeseen circumstances

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Benefits of Turkey Citizenship by Investment Program

Requirements For a Foreign Investor

The government of Turkey is interested in a foreign capital inflow, so minimum requirements are set for participants in the citizenship by investment program:
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Citizenship – Key Facts

  • Minimum Investment: 400,000
  • Processing Time: 3 – 4 months
  • Investment Options: Refundable & Non-Refundable
  • Return Of Investments: After 5 Years
  • Home Delivery: Passport Collection

Basically, Turkey is a Muslim country with an impact on the east and the west. With its location in the heart of the world between Asia and Europe. Similarly, Turkey is known for the best climatic zone and popular destination for leisure and business activities. Although, Turkey Citizenship Program attracts entrepreneurs and families to get a chance to invest in Turkey and therefore, settle in or establish their business in the country.
Under the new regulations in Turkey, foreigners who satisfy at least one of the below-mentioned requirements are able to apply for Turkish citizenship:
• Purchase a property at least 400,000 USD valued and attached annotation at land registration not to sell this property for 3 years
• Invest at least 500,000 USD and make a commitment to hold the amount of deposit for three years at banks operating in Turkey
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