UK Expansion Worker Visa

The UK Expansion Worker visa forms one of the Global Business Mobility routes. This visa permits foreign companies looking to establish operations in the UK to send temporary supervisors, specialists, and business owners to the UK to set up British operations.

What Is UK Expansion Worker Visa?

The global business mobility visa offers non-UK executives’ owners, partners, or shareholders to reside in the UK in the capacity of a UK Expansion worker in the position. They were sponsored according to their sponsorship certification. The visa permits holders to attend classes and participate in volunteer work to volunteer in the UK.

This visa allows for setting up a branch of an international business that has yet to begin to establish work in the UK. Holding a senior executive or specialist position in a global company is necessary to be eligible for this visa. If you and your dependent children fulfill the conditions, they may become part of your UK.

Are You a Businessman?

Then YOU & YOUR family can get the British Passport & Nationality by opening a branch office in the UK.

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Requirements For a Foreign Investor visa by elite immigration law feerm

Open New Branch Office in the UK

4 Main Steps

  1. Employed of at least 3 Years Old Running Company in Pakistan
  2. Register Your Company In the UK
  3. Get Your Worker Expansion Visa
  4. Land In the UK In Less Than Three Months


The Fastest & Easiest Route to UK Passport & Nationality

Eligibility Criterion

1. Scanned copy of current passport including all stamped pages. Please note that the passport must have validity of more than 06 months and at least one page both sided blank
2. Scanned copy of previous passports up to last 10 years (All visas and stamped pages)
3. Scanned copy of national identity card with true English translation (if not in English)
4. Copy of Marriage Registration Certificate
5. Copy of Biometric pages of current passports of children and spouse
6. TB Test certificate issued by UK Pre-departure Tuberculosis detection IOM Centre, if required
7. Printout of hotel booking reservation for an initial stay in United Kingdom Required at Later stage at the time of submission of the case
8. TRAVEL HISTORY: (for last 10 years)
9. Documents related to any refusal from any country, if applicable
11. Copy of all academic Documents including Certificate & Transcript of highest attained degree
12. Professional certificate, diploma or other short/long term course (if any)
13. Financial & registration documents of company
14. Bank statement & 3 years audited reports
15. Personal bank statement - 6 Month.
Other documents will be requested during the process as per requirement.
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