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With over 16 years of institutional experience, our immigration law firm is by far the world's largest globally integrated pure-play residence and citizenship advisory firm.

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Through providing residence and citizenship by investment solutions, we have helped thousands of individuals and families, their advisors, and many sovereign states generate value.

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Our outstanding people and systems provide a world-class advisory service underpinned by strict confidentiality, data security, and limited transaction risk.


The Elite team is composed of skilled immigration lawyers who help clients legally obtain a second citizenship application.


Through this step, you and your family become a citizen of another country through an investment plan in real estate. You can get a second passport and become a legal citizen of an additional kingdom. You can receive the application approval without foregoing the former citizenship.


Residency by Investment allows you to live, study, work, and enjoy other countries’ healthcare systems with a passport of origin as a resident. However, each country has a separate rule and duration of providing the Residency, which must be completed accordingly before acquiring the Residency.

Business Immigration

Choosing a luxurious lifestyle unlocks endless possibilities for you and your family. It offers top-notch education and healthcare options and ensures a comfortable life. It’s particularly beneficial for entrepreneurs and startups, providing access to opportunities.

Skilled Visa

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As an established company in Pakistan since 2007, “The Elite Citizenship,” excel in delivering top-notch Immigration, Citizenship & Residency by Investment services. Our primary focus revolves around assisting clients in acquiring a hassle-free Second Passport in Europe and the Caribbean region.

Our extensive experience and expertise have earned us a well-deserved reputation for delivering reliable and professional services. Our ultimate goal is to guide clients through the complexities of Immigration & Citizenship laws and regulations, facilitating a seamless and trouble-free process.

To ensure utmost accuracy and efficiency, our team of professionals remains constantly updated with the latest industry trends and regulations. We strive to provide our clients with the most up-to-date and effective solutions by staying well-informed.

Benefits Of Antigua and Barbuda Citizenship by Investment Program

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