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The United Kingdom (UK) is an engaging commercial hub, offering many advantages for entrepreneurs and investors. Thanks to its convenient position, first-rate infrastructure, and widespread connections. UK provides a strong platform for cross-border trade and commerce – as well as creating an ideal business climate through strong financial sectors, innovative technologies and strong government policies that support growth of their economy.

UK Innovator Founder Visa: An Introduction

This program offers high-category UK Tier-1 business visas which enable individuals and their family members to live and work in the UK. On April 13th 2023, UK Gov. launched this initiative as a replacement to two separate categories, UK Innovator Program (UIP) and Startup program. In the previous program, you have to invest in business around 50k pounds, but in a Founder visa, you do not need to spend a lot of money. In other words, the UK gov is not forcing you to invest a certain amount. As the main applicant, you need to follow a few steps, which I will elaborate on in this post.

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Who Can Apply - Eligibility Criteria?

Who Can Travel to The UK With Main Applicant?

Every time the user calls, they have a query, especially because everyone wants to move their family to the UK for a better future. We are more concerned about married people with children over 18 or both. But don’t worry - the beauty of this program is that you may include dependents in a single business plan.
You can add 2 to 3 partners in your single business plan with minor extra fee. And perfect this is rest of the partner will be in UK with their family, means to say, 2,3 families on single business plan, In other words 3 families on single endorsement letter.
Once you have submitted your business plan in the direction of the UK approval body so you'll receive an endorsement within 60 days.
You can apply for a family visa within 10 days of receiving an endorsement.
The cost of a visa for the main applicant as well as his spouse is 1872 pounds for each. For every dependent child, 1410 pounds.



Meeting with advisor
A person comes to our office intending to get a passport quickly and discusses their ideas & interest, and then our expert advisors guide them accordingly.


Signup with TEC
After taking all information on the UK program and deciding to signup with the TEC team, a client must sign a contract with some terms and conditions.


Profile Discussion with TEC Experts
After signup, it’s time for the profile. Our experts discuss and update the client’s profile according to the UK requirement.


1st Assessment with UK solicitor (Idea discussion)
In the 1st assessment, there is a meeting with a UK solicitor where clients can share their ideas with our highly experienced lawyer.


2nd Assessment with UK solicitor (Business Plan Daft)
In the 2nd assessment, there is a discussion on business plan draft on the shared ideas of client and according to UK policy provided by our experienced solicitor


Meeting with TEC Team
In this meeting, you can share your confusion, concerns, or anything about the business plan, submission or whatever you like.


Business Plan Submission to Endorsement Body
After a detailed discussion and hard work of the UK solicitor team, a business plan is finally submitted to one of the endorsement bodies.


Endorsement Letter
After fulfilling all the requirements, now an applicant can get approval from the endorsement body, as this is the core paper for the applicant that ensures their immigration to the UK.


Visa Submission
After receiving the endorsement letter (approval) from the endorsement body, it's up to the applicant to submit their visa file to the UK embassy with all required documents. You can discuss the required document with the TEC process team.
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